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SDT fatty/Jcl

Ordering name: SDT fatty/Jcl
Nomenclature: SDT.Cg-Leprfa/JttJcl
Availability: Live colony


In 2004, Dr. Masuyama and Dr. Shinohara (Research Laboratories of Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan) established the congenic type 2 diabetes model Spontaneously Diabetic Torii fatty (SDT fatty) rat by introducing the fa allele of the Zucker Fatty rat into the genome of the original SDT rat 1). SDT fatty rats were introduced to Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute, Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan) and were characterized in detail by Dr. Ohta and Dr. Sasase. CLEA Japan has received right of production and sales from Japan Tobacco Inc., and has distributed the animals as SDT fatty rats from 2012.

SDT fatty/Jcl 10 weeks of age data (*Japanese)

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▽ Pathology of SDT fatty ratPathology of SDT fatty rat

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 ▽Diabetic Nephropaty Model (Japanese)▽sdt_f_dn_pdf_thumbnail_e.png
   ▽NASH Model (Japanese)▽sdt_f_nash_pdf_thumbnail_e.png

Background Data (weight, blood property, blood biochemistry, organ weight)


▼ Introduction of Various Diabetic Complications model(Nephrology, Retinopathy, and Cardiovascular)

▼ Secondary Sarcopenia: SDT fatty rat, spontaneous type 2 diabetic animal modelSDT fatty rat, spontaneously type 2 diabetes animal model, shows the symptoms of secondary sarcopenia related with diabetes and obesity.

▼ Cholesterol-Loaded NASH: SDT fatty rats, type 2 diabetes and obesity modelBy cholesterol loading, Obesity type 2 diabetes model SDT fatty rats shows human-like NASH pathology characteristics after 24 weeks of age.

▼ High-sucrose/high-fat diet promotes nephropathy: Introduction of obese type 2 diabetes model SDT fatty rats

▼ Diabetic peripheral neuropathy in SDT fatty rat, a new animal model of obese type 2 diabetes

▼ The results of research on Diabetic Retinopathy in SDT fatty rats

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