High Fat Diet 32
for mouse, rat

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High Fat Diet 32<br><font size="1">for mouse

For mice and rats High Fat diet 32(HFD32) (High fat diet for diabetes and obesity research)

HFD32 is developed as ideal diet for diabetes and obesity disease model animal changed from high-fat diet designed by Feature: Dr. Osamu Ezaki (National Institute of Health and Nutrition, Lifestyle-related disease Research Department Manager). HFD32 is super-high-fat diet as content of crude fat 32% and fat origin calorie rate 60% from gross energy (Fat kcal%). The past high-fat contained diet had been supplied as power but this diet is pellet type, which is the first commercial product diet in Japan. Because the diet induces remarkable intra-abdominal fat accumulation, it is also valid to use for obese research as of diabetes research.

Because this HFD32 contains Safflower oil, weaken by the heat, it is delivered as frozen condition. Please put it to freezer (under -4 centigrade) immediately after delivery. In addition, it is required to exchange within 2 days after supplying to animals because of the oxidation.

Form: Pellet (12.5mm in diameter)

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