Drainage solid-liquid seperator:CL-6002

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Drainage solid-liquid seperator:CL-6002

CL-6002 Drainage solid-liquid separator

Features of drainage solid-liquid separator

  • We developed a new drainage solid-liquid separator dedicated for animal experiment facilities based on existing ones for processing livestock excreta. The excreta of various laboratory animals can be processed by this system.
  • lt is made of special corrosion-free alloy and has durability.
  • lt is easy to operate and maintain, and economical.
  • Suction pump has a cutter at the inlet to cut bulky solid matter and sucks it in, followed by ejection of processed excreta from the separator.


Raw drainage sucked in by the pump is put to a rotating screen from the bottom of the separator and centrifugally dehydrated by high-speed rotation. Separated solid matter is brushed off by a fixed plastic screw brush and ejected from the separator by a scraper.

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