Bubbling Water Tank:CL-5901

Equipment/Catalog 4:Cleaning and Disinfectant Equipment/Industrial Waste -Treatment System

Bubbling Water Tank:CL-5901

CL-5901 Bubbling Water Tank


Bubbling water tank is not just an ordinary water tank. Blast action produced by bubbles circulates water intensively to wash objects, as well as to keep the inner surface of the tank clean. Oscillating wave of bubbles produced by a powerful air pump can resolve tough stains and fats into collidal form to remove them effectively. It offers powerful cleaning performance with energy efficient way.

  • Soaking time can be largely reduced.
  • Low noise by soundproof design.
  • Powerful and yet low energy consumption (91 watt at AC 100 V)
  • Linear piston air pump is safe and high performance to respond to voltage fluctuation.
  • Bubble-diffusing board and guard frame is detachable through one touch operation.
  • On/Off switch is totally waterproof.

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