Cage Washer:CL-5008

Equipment/Catalog 4:Cleaning and Disinfectant Equipment/Washer

Cage Washer:CL-5008

CL-5008 Cage Washer

(CL-5005- CL-5006- CL-5007- CL-5008- CL-5009)

  • Various combination of high performance processing units is available and you can choose the best suited type for your facility in view of processing power and space requirement
    Each process and unit
    1. Load
    2. Pre-Wash (Two tanks or more)
    3. VVash
    4. Rinse
    5. Steam Blow (Only for Steam-blow type)
    6. Unload
  • Conveyer speed is controllable without step by an adjusting knob and flexible washing can be achieved depending on dirtiness.
    Processing Power Example: At the conveyer speed of 2m/min, 300 mouse cages (Dimensions: 230 x 350 x 140mm) can be washed per an hour.
  • Temperature and conveyer speed at each process are controlled by electronic controllers and their values are displayed on digital display.
  • Passable stopper is equipped at the exit side. When a cage reaches to the exit of the washer, you can either stop the conveyer or keep moving it to forward the cage to a next unit.
  • It can be controlled by one person.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the washer is quite easy, with double strainers, single-action detachable nozzle, inside lighting, spray gun, and other convenient equipment.
  • Safety is also thoroughly considered by equipping with conveyer torque limiter, doorway ev button, and ground-fault circuit interrupter.
  • All the normal functions can be controlled from the front side.
  • Body and flames are made of stainless steel SUS 304

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