Purified diets

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Purified diets

Purified diets

These diets are prepared from purified materials (casein, various sugars, etc.) for which the contents and origins of various nutrients are clearly known. These diets are widely applicable to situations in which the adjustment of specific nutrients is needed (which can be difficult using natural materials), to situations in which the preparation of a pathological status is required (such as a deficiency or an excess of specific vitamins or minerals), and for various nutritional studies.

Basic diet
< CLEA purified basic formula diet >
CLEA purified basic formula diet is designed by combining purified raw materials for which the origins of the nutrients are definitely known. This diet allows us to readily prepare deficiencies or excesses of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.) that are difficult to adjust when using natural raw materials.

< AIN purified basic formula diets >
These diets are the standard purified diets proposed by the American Institute of Nutrition (AIN) in 1977 (AIN-76) and 1993 (AIN-93) for use in nutritional studies using mice or rats. The compositions of these diets were determined by the AIN based on the nutritional requirements of mice and rats issued by the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council (NAS-NRC), which were determined using indications such as of favorable growth, pregnancy, and lactation during the year after birth.

Examples of purified diet manufacturing

  • Protein formula diet: adjustment of protein quantities and alterations in the protein material
  • Fat formula diet: adjustment of the fat quantities and alteration of the fat material (high-fat diet, low-fat diet)
  • Vitamin formula diet: adjustment of the amounts of vitamins added or no addition of vitamins
  • Mineral formula diet: adjustment of the amounts of minerals added or no addition of minerals

For special formula diets including those other than the above, consult the diet division of our company.

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