Contract Research Study


Contract Research Study


We execute non-GLP study by collaborative or your submitted protocol. We send the result data and collected organs after the study.

Non-GLP study

  • We execute a study under CLEA SPF condition by either using our production or your supplied animals.

  • Non-GLP study
    - Cytotoxic study
    - Intracutaneous reaction study
    - Acute toxicity study
    - Pyrogen study
    - Implantation study
    - Hemolysis study
    - Antigenicity study
    - Local stimulation study (Knee joint cavity)
  • Compound (or other) safety test
    - Single-dose toxicity study
    - Repeated-dose toxicity study
    - Local stimulation study (skin ? ocular mucous membrance)
    - Antigenicity study (ASA,PCA)
  • Regenerative cell ? safety study
    - Tumorigenicity study by using nude mouse or SCID mouse
  • Pharmacological effectiveness study
    - Pharmacological effectiveness study by using tumor cell model animals (Carcinostatic agent screening)
    - Study with using spontaneity disease model animals
    - Study with using surgical treatment disease model animals
    - Study with using drug supplement disease model animals
    - Study with using diet induce disease model animals
    - Vaccine immunogenicity (antibody formation) study
  • Pharmacokinetic study support
    - Drug administration ? diachronic blood collection ? Organ collection study

For Questions and Inquiry

  1. Please contact to CLEA Japan
  2. Our sales representatives will contact you to do hearing the details.

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