Animal Model Creation


Animal Model Creation

Animal Model Creation (Mouse- Rat)

We can create and deliver surgical treatment, tumor bearing, and special diet supplement to correspond vary of animal experiment study needs. All animal models are housed under SPF condition.

Surgical Treatment Models

  • Our surgical treatment animals are under CLEA SPF condition.
  • Please inform us the strain name, treatment method, week of age, delivery date, sex, and etc.

  • Example of the surgical treatment animal models
    - Evisceration models (Pituitary, Glandula thyreoidea, Thymus,,,)
    - Hyperalgesis models (Ischiadic nerve deligation model (CCI),,,)
    - Catheter insertion models (Cervical vein cannulation,,,)
    - Special treatment models (Renal artery deligation model (7/8 or 6/8),,,)

Tumor bearing treatment

  • After culturing the supplied tumor cell, we transplant it to animals.
  • We make it by our production animals or your supplied animals under CLEA SPF condition.

Diet Induce Obesity model (DIO) 

  • We make DIO animals by supplying high fat diet.
  • The animals can be based on CLEA production animals or your supplied animals.

  • DIO model
    - High cholesterol diet supplement animals.
    - High fat diet supplement animals.
    - Customer supplied special diet supplement animals.

For Questions and Inquiry 

  1. Please contact to CLEA Japan
  2. Our sales representatives will contact you to do hearing the details.

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