Strain Maintenance and Production


Strain Maintenance and Production

Strain maintenance and development service

We maintain and develop your strain by small VI, large VI, or Barrier System (BS) room. We can maintain various type of animals such as SPF, germ free, genetically modified, disease model, and etc. animals. We also deliver the strain purified service such as backcrossing to a specified strain.

Strain maintenance and production

  • We breed mice and rats for CLEA standard SPF level.
  • You can order the genotype, week of age, and etc. for delivered animals.
  • Please save your laboratory space by using this service.


Quarantine Service 

We keep your animals inside VI more than 4 weeks to monitor these microbiological condition by your suggested items.

For Questions and Inquiry 

  1. Please contact to CLEA Japan
  2. Our sales representatives will contact you to do hearing the details.

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