Microbiological Cleaning


Microbiological Cleaning

Microbiological Cleanning

CLEA Japan can create SPF (CLEA standard) animals or germ free animals from customer-supplied animals or frozen embryos. We prepare from a basic size, use small vinyl isolator (VI) with 4 pairs, to large order like a cleaning service for the production colony establishment.

  • We make frozen embryos from customer-supplied animals.
  • The frozen embryos are melted and transplanted to the recipient animals. After that, cesarean section is executed and the uterus is removed.
  • The fetus is removed at a surgical VI and nursed by foster animal inside small VI or large VI.
  • After weaning, the microbiological test is executed to the fetus to confirm CLEA standard SPF or germ free condition.

  • We can deliver the frozen embryos or sperm, too.
  • Please supply 3 free fertile male animals by 1 strain.
  • We collect 100 to 150 embryos per 1 strain for this egg collecting service.
  • We return the surplus embryos after the service.
  • We transplant embryos to 3 recipient animals and deliver 18 offsprings for 1 strain.
  • Microbiological monitoring is executed by Central Institute for Experimental Animals (CIEA), ICLAS monitoring center.

* We estimate the microbiological monitoring for immunodeficiency animals in a different manner. Please ask.

Rederivation from a frozen embryo

  • We prepare the number of animals as your study needs.
  • We can execute this microbiological cleaning service with frozen embryo creating service together.
  • You can specify genotype, week of age, and/or etc. for the cleaned animals to deliver.

For Questions and Inquiry 

  1. Please contact to CLEA Japan
  2. Our sales representatives will contact you to do hearing the details.

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