Reproduction Techniolgy (Making frozen embryo - Storing - Supplying)

Please use this service for reducing number of using animals and laboratory space. In addition, it is useful for making back up of the strains.

Frozen embryo creation

The fertilized embryos of the provided animals are collected and executed freezing treatment.

  • We can execute the re-derivation test from the frozen embryos if it is requested.
  • The sperm freezing treatment is also available.
  • Storage of the frozen embryos 

    • The frozen embryos and sperms are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks at CLEA Japan embryo storage room.
    • We recommend to store frozen materials in separate places as disaster countermeasures.
    • The frozen materials can be delivered to your suggested place easily.

    Delivery of the frozen embryo 

    • CLEA Japan can collect embryos of a requested strain and deliver as the frozen embryos.
    • Both frozen methods, vitrification procedure and slow procedure, are available.
    • We use our specialized dry shipper for the embryo delivery.

    For Questions and Inquiry 

    1. Please contact to CLEA Japan
    2. Our sales representatives will contact you to do hearing the details.

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