Running Water Flushing Clean Racks:CL-5415

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Running Water Flushing Clean Racks:CL-5415

CL-5415 Running Water Flushing Clean Racks


Running Water Flushing Clean Rack, combined with “clean rack" and “running water flushing unit”, can protect animals from mutual infection even when many racks are used in a large room.
This is an automatic water flushing and sanitary breeding/rearing device suitable for long term animal care under clean environment.
In addition to the primary use, it can be also used as a “running water flushing negative rack" by making airflow opposite.
For that purpose, a blower unit for negative pressure will be used and small holes on front-side flap doors for air-intake will be made to inhale air from the front.
This is for allergen control for caretakers and prevention of spreading contamination to surrounding environment. It is applicable to quarantine animals and prevent contamination in your facility.

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