Sterilization effect of Co60 γ rays

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Sterilization effect of Co60 γ rays

Sterilization effect of Co60 γ rays

1.Radioresistance of microorganisms

2.Dose required for the sterilization of radioresistant microbes

M = Micrococcus radiodurans (radioresistant bacterium)
B=Bacillus cereus (radioresistant bacterium)
The figures in the table denote the number of samples with surviving bacterial cells/the number of tested samples.
*In the resistant microbe groups, the respective bacterial cells were infused into a hole 2 mm in diameter made in the central part of each CL-2 pellet.

3.Results of sterilization tests of products

Samples of diets for germ-free animals and SPF animals were extracted randomly for each irradiation dose and tested for sterility by culture examination for aerobes, anaerobes, and fungi. The results were all negative.

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