Advantage of Radiation-sterilized Diets

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Advantage of Radiation-sterilized Diets

Merits of Radiation-sterilized Diets

Radiation-sterilized diets are diets sterilized using cobalt 60 irradiation, which destroys the component proteins of microorganisms present in the diet based on the permeability of γ rays and their ability to degenerate the proteins through ionization.


  • Loss of nutritional elements is minimal, compared with autoclaved sterilization.
  • No change in color or agglutination of pellets, unlike after autoclaved sterilization.
  • Radiation sterilization is suitable for the diets of animals with strong food preferences (e.g., rabbits).
  • Radiation sterilization is suitable for diets that contain heat-labile drugs, etc.

■Quality control

  • The irradiation status of the product is confirmed using a Chemical Indicator (C.I.). The color of the C.I. attached to each case of the product changes from yellow to red after irradiation, allowing clients to confirm the irradiation status.
  • The designated dose of irradiation is confirmed using a dosimeter.
  • The sterilization effect is confirmed by a culture examination of the Biological Indicator (B.I.) attached to each lot of the product.

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