Cautions for Placing Order

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Cautions for Placing Order

Cautions for the Order

Mice and rats are produced under a practically constant operation on a weekly basis. Potential customers should contact us as early as possible, as reservations and orders are secured on a first-come-first-served basis. If any changes in the experimental design occur, the customer should let us know immediately.

Shipping standards

Age in weeks (age in days) and standards of weight ranges. Although we attempt to ship animals at an accurate age in weeks (age in days) within a limited weight range, the weight range can vary according to the timing and amount of the order.

  1. Age in weeks is expressed as the number of weeks after birth (the week at birth is week 0). Animals are shipped within a 3-to-7-day range of the specified birth date. Animals of a designated age in days can be provided if the order is received 0-2 weeks after birth.
  2. Animals of a designated age in weeks are shipped within a limited range of body weights. The range may become larger depending on the amount or timing of the order.
  3. Although older animals (8 to 15 weeks old) are stocked to be ready for shipping, several weeks may be required for delivery depending on the requested age in weeks or the amount of the order, since younger animals may need to be reared to the designated age before shipping.

Designation of the body weight

  • Customers should consult us on a case-by-case basis, since the range of body weights varies according to the amount of the order or other factors.
  • We can better respond to customers’ requests if the customer specifies, “weight __ g to __ g or weight about __ g, without regard to age in weeks” for cases in which the weight of the animals is a concern.

Special requirements for mice and rats

Various special requirements can be specified, such as pregnant animals, animals accompanied by a lactating parent, retired animals, etc.; however, each requirement may be attached to some conditions. Customers should consult our sales representatives or order receipt staff. The early placement of specialized orders is appreciated.

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