Environmental Control

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Environmental Control

Environmental Control

Environmental control plays an important role in the formation of the Barrier System, in association with microbiologic control. For the purpose of this control, managerial standards are developed not only for the rearing environmental conditions, but also for hygiene control and environment conservation around the Barrier.

Rearing environmental conditions for mice and rats (Barrier System)
 Temperature  20~26℃
 Humidity  Mice, 40~60%
 Rats, 50~70% 
 Air filter  HEPA filter
 Ventilation frequency  10~15 air changes/h
 Wind velocity  15~20cm/s
 Barometric pressure  Positive pressure 5~8mmH20 on the outside
 Illumination intensity  200lx/FL+800mm
 Lighting hours  On: 12h / Off:12h

Rearing environmental conditions for monkeys
 Temperature  Common marmoset
 Cynomolgus monkey 
 Humidity  Common marmoset
 Cynomolgus monkey
 Air filter  Medium performance filter
 Ventilation frequency  10~15 air changes/h
 Barometric pressure  Common marmoset
 Cynomolgus monkey 
 Positive pressure of 100-200 Pa on the outside 
 Negative pressure of 200-400 Pa on the outside 
  Lighting hours  On: 12h / Off:12h

Methods of disinfection and sterilization of humans and major materials in Barrier System
 Humans  Warm water shower (use of antiseptic solution for hands and feet)
 Diet  Autoclaved sterilization (121℃, 30 min), Radiantion sterilization (30kGy)
 Water  Adding 4~6 ppm chlorine, boiling (partly)
 Cages  Autoclaved sterilization (121℃, 30 min), Immersion in 100ppm chlorine
 Bedding materials  Autoclaved sterilization (121℃, 30 min) 
 Transport box   EOG sterilization (4 h or longer exposure)
 Inside of the facility  Spraying of drung solutin (chlorine, iodophor, invert soap, ethanol,
 peracetic acid solution, etc.), formalin gas fumiagation

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