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Ordering name: Jcl:ICR
Nomenclature: Jcl:ICR
Availability: Live colony


The ICR mouse is a strain of albino mice originating in SWISS and selected by Dr. Hauschka to create a fertile mouse line. Because mice of this strain have been sent to various places from the Institute of Cancer Research in the USA, the strain was named ICR after the initial letters of the institute. This strain was introduced from Charles River (USA) to CLEA Japan, Inc. through the Central Institute for Experimental Animals in 1963, and we subsequently started its production and supply in 1965. Since then, the name of this strain has been changed as follows.

  • ICR-JCL (beginning of supply to 1971)
  • JCL:ICR (1972 to 1980); Changed according to an agreement with the Japanese Society for Laboratory Animal Resources
  • Jcl:ICR (1981 to date); Changed according to the International Registry


Mice of this strain are relatively large albinos with a gentle nature that grow well.


The Jcl:ICR mouse is a general-purpose model used for studies in a wide range of fields including toxicity, pharmacology, drug efficacy, and immunology.

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