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Ordering name: NOA/Jcl
Nomenclature: NOA/Jcl
Availability: Cryopreserved


This strain is brand new nude mutant mouse that has no normal hair growth and nail excessive extension, usual characteristic of usual hairless mice. It shows xeroderma symptom for all animals by individual housing so it may be a useful animal model as the benefit verification for the external moisturizer study. In addition, it was confirmed the skin fixity of the staphylococcus aureus so it may be a useful animal model for the benefit verification for external disinfectant study.Moreover, it shows the wettability skin lesion spontaneity in high possibility and was inferred the cause is the allergic reaction due to the mast cell effector mainly. It may be also a useful as an allergodermia animal model such as atopic dermatitis.
This NOA mouse was supplied as a name “NOA/Jc.” In 2006 by CLEA Japan.

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