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Ordering name: NC/JicJcl
Nomenclature: NC/JicJcl
Availability: Cryopreserved


This strain was established by Dr. Kyoji Kondo, Nagoya University agricultural department, from the inbred strains created by pet house mouse. The name “NC” stands Japanese house mouse name “Nishiki nezumi” and its cort color “Cinnamon”. It was introduced to Central Institute for Experimental Animals and developed its production colony by CLEA Japan.


NC mouse shows any skin problems under the microbiologic controlled environment but dermatosis like human atopic dermatitis and blood IgE increase from 6 to 7 week of age under the conventional environment. It was known as the cinnamon coat color gene (AA bb CC DD) mouse to have the dermatosis symptom from the establishment. It has quit high egg albumin anaphylaxis shock death rate and shows diffuse lupus erythematosus (SLE)-like lesion such as glomerulotubular nephritis and anaemia among the serious dermatosis mouse models.


It may be useful as the immunologic disease animal model such as human atopic dermatitis because it shows dermatitis by environmental factor although it has the genetic factor.

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