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Ordering name: FGS/NgaJcl
Nomenclature: FGS/NgaJcl


The strain was found from F5 CBA/Nga and RFM/Nga mating group at Nagoya University agriculture department domestic animal thremmatology study. It was named FGS (Focal Glomerular Sclerosis) due to its high urine protein and focal glomerular sclerosis.


This strain shows high albuminuria symptom, which is started to 6 week of age and increased until 11 to 12 week of age but there is some individual difference. Pathologically, there are some glomerular sclerosis and atrophy and lesion mix of seemed like mesangium cell proliferative and focal sclerosing glomerulonephritis.
Genetically, it may be controlled under 2 pair of euchromosome recessive gene.


  1. Human progressive kidney disease study related to the microorganism antigen
  2. Related clarification and treatment study with using a bone marrow engraftment.

Body Weight Curve

Body Weight Curve

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