About Inhalation Experiment System

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About Inhalation Experiment System

About the Inhalation experiment system

Inhalation experiment system (CIS series) is a custom made system to match your experimental purpose and condition.
Inhalation experiment using experimental animals is essential to make safety test on chemicals and investigate the cause of industrial diseases. Recently, more and more drugs, agrichemicals and food additives become available and it is a key requirement to assure the safety of those chemicals for human health.
Awareness of the safety assurance has become important internationally. Related government agencies, organizations and companies have started to establish GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) to assure the safety.
In practice, experimental animals, related experimental facilities and instruments play an important role to assure the safety.
Our inhalation experiment system fully utilizes the latest technologies on pollution instrumentation, working environment measurement, manufacturing technology of generator of various gases, dusts and mist and designing of glass plants.
We offer a total design for the system, harmonizing preparation of inhalants, particle generator, density control device, chamber, and exhaust processing device.

Structure of inhalation experiment systems

Air supply filtration
Inlet air is filtered by a pre-filter to remove coarse dusts and further filtered by a HEPA filter (more than 99.97% filtration efficiency for 0.3pn particles). If inlet air is gaseous organic matter, activated carbon filter and chemical filter are used to filter harmful chemicals.

lnhalant generator
Aerosol (fine particulate matters, dusts, fumes, mist, and smoke), heavy metals (lead and chromium), and other chemicals are generated. Agrichemicals are primarily provided in mist form. Other gas/mist and various organic solvents are provided in vaporized form. NOx and SOx are provided from high pressure tank.

Inhalation experiment
Uniform distribution of inhalant can be achieved with animals, cages, water, or feeds stored in place.

Exhaust purification
Exhausted inhalant from the chamber is cleansed. Harmful material is processed in a neutralized tank, absorbed in a activated carbon tank, and filtered in a chemical filter tank. For bacteria exposure system, it is further processed in a heated sterilization tank, in addition to the processed mentioned above to assure clean exhaust.

Purposes and applications of inhalation experiment systems

Many purposes can be considered for respiratory inhalation experiment on animals to test harmful chemicals. The followings are common examples:

  • Toxicity test for chemicals
  • Infection experiment for bacteria
  • Local toxicity test on respiratory organs, such as, nasal cavity, throat and trachea.
  • General toxicity research on whole body
  • Basic research on pulmonary structure and function
  • Research on drug administration
  • Determination of criteria for safety assurance

  • Toxicity research on air pollutants for general living environments
  • Toxicity test on harmful chemicals for working environments
  • Toxicity test on drugs and food
  • Inhalation infection experiment of bacteria
  • Other toxicity test and research on exhaust gas and drainage

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