JIC Rack:CL-5417

Equipment/Catalog 5:Clean Air System/Individual Ventilation System

JIC Rack:CL-5417

CL-5417 -JIC Rack

JIC Rack is clean breeding equipment for mice and rats. Clean breeding environment is insured and mutual infection can be avoided for nude mice or any other grade of animals. A blower with filters is mounted on the top of the main body. It is also equipped with sliding doors at each shelf on the front and a wind tunnel with blowing openings to each shelf on the back. Air from the blower to a HEPA filter via a pre-filter is pooled in the wind tunnel on the back. The air is sent to each shelf through blowing openings and exhausted from exhaust slots of the front sliding doors. Sliding doors prevent contamination from outside.


  • Air is supplied equally into each shelf through HEPA filter.
  • HEPA filter and blower are compact in size.
  • Replacement of pre-filter and HEPA filter is easy.
  • Sliding doors prevent backward airflow.
  • liding working boards are standard.
  • It can be used for either negative or positive pressure.
  • 消Disinfection and cleaning are easy to be performed (plastic cover should be attached on the front). Please note that the usage of chemical solution should be minimum.


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