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Ordering name: FVB/NJcl
Nomenclature: FVB/NJcl
Availability: Live colony


This strain was derived from a Swiss outbred line (N:GP) produced at NIH. The two lines, HSFS/N and HSFR/N, were selected using sensitivity to histamine administration after inoculation with pertussis vaccine as the index, and homozygotes of F8 HSFS/N mice sensitive to Friend leukemia virus type B were inbred as FVB. These mice were introduced from Dr. Makoto Muto (previously working at Kyoto University) to CLEA Japan, Inc. to start the production and supply of this strain.


These mice have the hair color gene of albinos (AA BB cc DD) and are productive, with a high breeding potential. The fertilized egg has a large and prominent anterior nucleus suitable for the microinjection of DNA, and the survival rate after injection is better than that for C57BL/6J. The gene-transduced FVB embryo shows a good survival rate after fallopian tube transplantation to pseudopregnant female mice.


The usefulness of these embryos as recipient embryos for the production of transgenic mice is widely expected.

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