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Ordering name: Kras301/Jcl
Nomenclature: SD-Tg(KRASflox/flox)301/Jcl
Availability: Cryopreserved

(*This strain is kept limited numbers and supplied only from its surplus. If you want more than that, please request us to expand.)


Kras301 rat is a conditional transgenic rat introduced mutated form human origin K-ras gene to Jcl:SD rat embryo by Dr. Hiroyuki Tsuda, Nagoya University in 2005.
This model had been maintained and developed at CLEA Japan facility as a breeding service for certain research organizations. Then we started selling it as a commercial sales model according to the agreement between Dr. Tsuda.


This strain is introduced 3 copies of hemagglutinin (HA) epitope tag connected HA-K-rasv12 gene expression cassette by using Cre/loxP system for controlling term/location expression of human mutated form K-rasv12 gene (changing glycine to valine at the 12 amino acid sequence) that normally floxed rat does not express K-rasv12 gene.
It can be created an organ-specific cancer expression in short term by the human mutated form K-rasv12 gene expression by erasing a neomycin-resistant gene caught in the loxP by infecting an adenoviral vector, express Cre recombinase* at the subject organs. Especially it can be expressed pancreatic carcinoma, one of the intractable cancer and difficult to detect early, by express Cre recombinase at pancreatic duct.
(*P2 level)

This strain is kept as a homo type (tg/tg), male Tg rat and female Tg rat mating.


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