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Ordering name: Hras128/Jcl
Nomenclature: Jcl:SD-Tg(HRAS)128Ncc/Jcl
Availability: Cryopreserved

(*This strain is kept limited numbers and supplied only from its surplus. If you want more than that, please request us to expand.)


Hras128 is a transgenic rat, introduced human proto-type c-Ha-ras gene to Jcl:SD rat fertilized egg by Dr. Hiroyuki Tsuda, Natl. Cancer Center, in 1998.
The strain has been kept by CLEA Japan from its creation and supplied to the related research organization. After concluded an agreement with Natl. Cancer Center and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), we have started supplying it.


This strain was introduced 3 copies of proto-type c-Ha-ras gene. It is expressed at all organs with controlled by own promotor. So it shows high sensitivity to carcinogenic substances like expressing multicentric breast cancer by administrating chemical carcinogens such as MNU and DMBA, mammary gland target carcinogens in a short time (8 to 12 weeks). In addition, it shows high sensitivities of skin, bladder, and esophageal cancers. It is useful for short period chemical carcinogen cancer rat model.
This strain is kept by the back crossing with male Tg and female SD rat. Supplied animal is Hemi type (tg/wt).

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