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for mouse, rat

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Quick Fat<br><font size="1">for mouse

For mice and rats CLEA Rodent Diet Quick Fat (High-fat diet for diabetes and obesity studies)

This is a solid, high-calorie diet having a high fat content derived from animal oil and with the addition of sucrose. This diet was originally developed for type-2 diabetes model animals. This diet is also suitable for obesity studies in addition to diabetes studies.

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 Ingredients   Protein source  soybean meal, whitefish meal,
 casein, yeast
 Fat source  animal fat and oil (beef tallow),
 cereal germ
 Fiber source  alfalfa meal, cellulose powder, sucrose
 Carbohydreate source  wheat flour, corn, millet
 Vitamins  Vita.A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C,
 niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin,
 folic acid, choline chloride, inositol
 Minerals  calicum carbonate, salt,
 ferrous sulfate, manganese sulfate,
 cobalt sulfate, calcium iodate
 Amino acids  methionine
 Mean values from regular analyses in fiscal 2022
 Nutrient components
 and calories
 (in 100 g)
 (All production lots analyzed)
 Moisture (%) 6.80
 Crude protein (%) 24.35
 Crude fat (%) 13.80
 Crude fiber (%) 3.00
 Crude ash(%) 5.75
 NFE (%) 46.30
 Energy (kcal)*1,2 406.80
 Hardness (kg/cm2) 5.4
 *1 Calculated from mean values.
 *2 Calculated by multiplying crude protein (4), 
     crude fat (9), and NFE (4).
 Form  Pellet (12.5 mm in diameter)
 Volume  10kg
 Package  Paper bag (3-layer craft + 1-layer plastic bag)

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