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Diabetes Model Information-2

Diabetes model information -2
Glucosuria-positive rate of type 2 diabetes model

Diabetes model information -2<br>Glucosuria-positive rate of type 2 diabetes model

Diet: CE-2 (autoclaved sterilization at 121°C, 30 min)
Method of rearing: isolation rearing for KK, KK-Ay
Method of measurement: urine test paper (+ or higher positivity)

Points to consider when rearing and conducting experiments using diabetes model animals

  1. Animals should first be reared for 3 - 5 days to provide sufficient environmental acclimation prior to the start of experiments because the animals may exhibit decreased blood glucose levels as a result of stress experienced during transport, etc.
  2. Isolated rearing is recommended for KK-Ay mice because these mice may not exhibit an increase in blood glucose levels because of fighting, etc., if they are reared in a group.
  3. Because animals become polyuric after developing diabetes, frequent changes and large amounts of bedding materials are recommended.
  4. Because the blood glucose level varies according to diet, measurement method, and type of blood sample (blood, serum, plasma), measurements should be performed using a standard method.。

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