Mikro Klene DF(20㎏):CL-4123

Equipment/Catalog 2:Experimental and Control Equipment/Cleansing Agents, Disinfectants

Mikro Klene DF(20㎏):CL-4123

CL-4123 Mikro Klene DF (20kg)

Iodine-based cleansing and disinfecting agent. Please dilute 1:600 to 1:1200 with cold water (below 40°C) for use.
For disinfection, it is effective to dilute it by 300 times.

* Data Sheet (Japanese only)


  • All-purpose disinfectant that can clean and disinfect at the same time.
  • Disinfectant power is not reduced even under existence of organic substances since its non- corrosiveness keeps residual effects.
  • Proven effectiveness against tuberculocidal, fungicidal, staphlocidal and Pseudomonacidal by A.O.A.C. official testing protocol. (USDA registered number 1677-22)

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