MB-10(1.5g x 75 tablet):CL-4136-15
MB-10(6.0g x 40 tablet):CL-4136-60

Equipment/Catalog 2:Experimental and Control Equipment/Cleansing Agents, Disinfectants

MB-10(1.5g x 75 tablet):CL-4136-15<br>MB-10(6.0g x 40 tablet):CL-4136-60

CL-4136-15 MB-10(1.5g x 75 tablets)
CL-4136-60 MB-10 (6.0g x 40 tablets)

It is a tablet-shaped chlorine dioxide disinfectant.


  • It has a broad bactericidal spectrum by the chlorine dioxide.
  • You can adjust its concentration by the volume of the water for dissolving the tablet.
  • It is certified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Tablet-shape reduces the storage space.
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