Equipment/Catalog 2:Experimental and Control Equipment/Cleansing Agents, Disinfectants


CL-4135 Neopor

Base (1kg×2 bottles)- Activator (1kg×2 bottles)

This is a disinfectant, used chlorine dioxide. It makes chlorine dioxide continuously by mixing base (sodium chlorite) and activator (organic acid) to keep disinfection effect. Mix rate is base 1, water 4, and activator 1.


  • It has a strong sterilizing power for the broad kinds of microorganisms such as bacteria include spores, viruses, and fungus.
  • It shows high effectivity as the antibiotics due to its high bacterial-resistant avoidance.
  • It has a high safety compared with a past product.
  • It can control the volume of the solution so you can use it efficiently.
  • It keeps the concentration of the chlorine dioxide within 24 hours from mixing.

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