About Autoclaves

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About Autoclaves

About Autoclaves (High pressure steam sterilization equipment)

As breeding technology of experimental animals is improving, maintaining cleaner and more sanitary environment for breeding becomes greatly important. Autoclave has become an essential system to sterilize many equipment and supplies safely and quickly. We offer a full line of autoclave system best suits to all of your requirements, such as, purpose, available space and heat supply.

Custom design, best fit for your purpose and requirement, is also available upon request.

Autoclave, that is a system to safely and quickly sterilize and dry materials and equipment including diets, water, cages, beddings, sterilizing containers, and others, is one of the essential system for animal experiment nowadays. We have designed and provided many different types of autoclave systems with highest safety, durability and reliability.


  • Main body is a double-chamber structure and an inner chamber is made of stainless clad steel of SUS304. Heat-resistant packing is equipped on mating-face between a door and the chambers.

  • he chambers are made of durable material with highly safe structure and certified by Labor Standards Bureau of Japan for pressure proof test.
  • A recorder for temperature and pressure records them during sterilization and you can check them after the process.
  • Autoclave for infectious experiment, unlike common autoclave, filtrates contaminated exhaust with a fine-mesh filter (0.2pi) and sterilizes drainage with drainage process unit.
  • All the parts and plumbing are arranged on the sizes of the chamber for easy maintenance. They are all standard size and replacement is easy.
  • Ethylene oxide gas (C2H40) is superior in permeability and diffusivity and exhibits very strong sterilizing effect, so that it is best suited for heat-sensitive or water-sensitive materials or those cannot be sterilized by steam.


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