AQUA-CLEAN air-conditioning system

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AQUA-CLEAN air-conditioning system

AQUA-CLEAN air-conditioning System

Air-conditioning system in animal experiment facility requires not only the control fo temperature and humidity, but also the removal of dusts (microorganism) and gas (odor) such as ammonia, with energy saving and low cost. CLEA Japan has been exploring air-conditioning system suitable for animal experiment facilities of a new era over the years.

We, now, proudly introduce AQUA-CLEAN air-conditioning system that has been developed based on dew point bath system. The system controls temperature and humidity with air filtration function by passing and circulating air through cold water shower to maintain stable condition. In addition, it saves energy and cost. We strongly recommend users to install it on the construction of new animal experimental facilities, as well as on the renewal of existing air-conditioning system.


  • High air purification and deodorization capability with energy-saving and low cost.
  • Humidity is well controlled without humidifier.
  • High accuracy and stable heat exchange system
  • Water quality control is included

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