Automatic Water Sterilizating System:CL-2771

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Automatic Water Sterilizating System:CL-2771

CL-2771 Automatic Water Sterilizing System

This is a device to sterilize water by pressurizing and heating tap water, cool and store it in reservoir tanks, and deliver it to animals.


  • It has a filter at the intake of tap water to remove dust and the filtered water is put into a sterilizing water tank.
  • lt has a steam heater or an electric heater to heat water to 121°C or more and the pressure in the tank is set to 1.2kg/cm3 or more.
  • After those temperature and pressure conditions are fulfilled, a timer starts the sterilizing process by keeping the temperature and pressure for the preset duration (30 to 60 minutes) to ensure complete sterilization.
  • After sterilizing process is finished, the sterilized water is cooled down by cooling water and is stored in the reservoir tanks at the proper temperature for use.
  • The system is automatically activated depending on the water level of the reservoir tank. Eighty liters of sterilized water can be obtained at one sterilization process. Sterilization process is repeated until the water level in the tank reaches the desired level.
  • An outlet filter is installed to ensure no contamination for the drinking water.

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