Bio Safety Hoods:CL-5531

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Bio Safety Hoods:CL-5531

CL-5531 Bio Safety Hoods


Experiments and operations for infected animals can be safely performed. Working area is always maintained in negative pressure to prevent leaking contaminated air to the outside. Exhaust and circulating air is cleaned through HEPA filter. Washing water stored in a water tank is available in the working area of the existing safety cabinet.

  • Pathogen up to biohazard level 3 is covered. Microbiological examination by Bacillus subtilis was conducted for safety assurance based on the NSF standard.
  • There are two HEPA filters for exhaust and circulating air. Dust collection efficiency of the both filters exceeds 99.99% for particles of 0.3 micron in size.
  • Dirty experimental instruments can be cleaned inside the barrier and 15 liter of clean washing water is available at a time.
  • Operation is easy and alarm goes off for motor failure.
  • Main flame of gas burner can be ignited or extinguished by a foot switch.
  • QA high-powered motor is carefully selected for the air blower.
  • Two 40-watt fluorescent bulbs, attached on the outside front face in a lighting box that does not obstruct experiments, illuminate the inside of the cabinet and provide good visibility for users.

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