Ultrafiltration Water Supply System:CL-2790

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Ultrafiltration Water Supply System:CL-2790

CL-2790 Ultrafiltation Water Supply System

Material/Stainless steel

■Features of Ultrafiltration Water Supply System

Ultrafiltration membrane (UF membrane, membrane diameter is 0.005 micron meter) can completely remove those molecular with more than 30,000 molecular weight, such as, trypsin inhibitor, ovalbumin, hemoglobin, various virus, pyrogen, and bacteria.
The Membranes are made of hollow fiber filiform polyether-sulfone that has excellent heat and chemical resistance second only to Teflon. Piping system can be disinfected by filling boiling water, alcohol, or formalin through the system.

Filtration system adopts a cross-joint flow filtration system. The membranes are periodically and automatically washed by the system and human intervention is not required for maintenance.

Chorine passes the membranes and it is not necessary to refill it to the filtered water. It can reduce running cost and improve operational efficiency since all you have to do is to autoclave watering bottles and fill water.


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